Anndale va an christian lawyers ass

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#1 Anndale va an christian lawyers ass

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Anndale va an christian lawyers ass

Downey, we work with clients of all faiths, from all walks of life and with all kinds of needs. As a Christian attorney, our founder Richard L. Downey employs the most basic tenets of faith and belief: For many of our clients it is reassuring to work with Anndale va an christian lawyers ass who shares their faith. For many others, knowing that they are working with a Christian attorney gives them confidence in the foundation on which our legal practice built. Still others rely on us for personal and emotional guidance to go along with our strong commitment to legal excellence. The people who visit our office for legal service are often in turmoil, facing some of the aas significant challenges of their lives. Particularly for families embroiled in the struggle of divorce or clients who are taking on the responsibility of a new business venture, the practical matters of law, Chrostian and risk can weigh heavily. Our law firm is committed to helping clients face their natural sense of fear and frustration. As a Christian attorney whose moral compass is grounded in faith and fellowship, Richard L. Downey can be many things for Nude adolesant teen photos clients:. The lawyer you hire can be more than just an impersonal professional who dispenses legal advice. Downey strives to build enduring client relationships and make every Anndale va an christian lawyers ass understand that they are enlisting both a legal advocate and a trusted advisor. Contact our office today for the service, support and commitment that our Christian attorney can provide and Anndale va an christian lawyers ass provided for more than three decades. Call us today at or contact us online. Please enter a valid E-mail address Anndaoe Phone number to contact you. Please verify that you have...

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The Christian Legal Society says it has nothing against non-Christians and sexually active homosexuals. That stance has created problems for some of the Annandale, Va. They have run afoul of university policies that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion and sexual orientation. Now those chapters are fighting back, filing federal civil rights lawsuits against five public law schools and universities for the right to discriminate in the selection of members and officers on the basis of religion and sexual orientation. Those who have engaged in homosexual conduct but have repented and those who have homosexual inclinations but have not acted on them may become members or officers of the organization. But those who engage in homosexual conduct or adhere to the view that homosexual conduct is not sinful cannot. However, university officials say that all student organizations must be registered to receive funding and use school facilities. Marsh notes that other student religious organizations agreed to abide by the nondiscrimination policy in the past. So did the Hastings Christian Fellowship until it filed a petition to change its name to the Christian Legal Society at the start of the current school year. A fifth suit, filed last spring against Ohio State University, was dropped in November after the school agreed to revise its policy to allow student religious groups to adopt nondiscrimination language consistent with their beliefs. Litigation against other universities, including Florida State, Iowa, North Dakota and Oklahoma, was averted when the schools agreed to exempt religious student groups from their nondiscrimination policies, Aden says. But university officials say the nondiscrimination policy applies only to membership criteria. Ohio State officials could not be reached for comment. Hall, vice president for student affairs, says the school has revised its policies governing student organizations to allow groups formed to foster...

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Call or Request an Appointment. We'll start by providing you with a free initial consultation, letting you ask any questions you have about our legal services and pricing. We keep our rates competitive and will work efficiently and caringly on your case. Our lawyer received her J. We listen closely and communicate openly, addressing any concerns as they arise. We strive to ensure that our clients feel comfortable working with a lawyer from our firm in the Annandale, VA area. To learn more about your rights and options, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. Arthur, Attorney-at-Law, has built a long-standing reputation in the Fairfax County, Virginia community for being an attorney with a drive for success. Arthur has assisted those in need of legal representation in matters concerning divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, family law, and estate matters. So, what separates Mrs. Arthur from the crowd? She understands that bad things sometimes happen to good people. That's why she will listen to your case objectively, then provide you with an open and honest legal perspective on your situation. With almost 30 years of experience as an attorney, Deborah Arthur is prepared to go the distance for you. Why settle for anything less? Deborah Arthur has lived in Northern Virginia all of her life. Her daughter graduated law school in May, and joined the firm as an associate in October Rebecca L Evans spent two years of her law school time clerking for the Law Firm. Evans primarily assists clients in the areas of estate planning and estate administration. Like Deborah N Arthur, Rebecca L Evans background and upbringing lend a personal touch to the mechanics of the legal practice and allows the firm to truly care about our clients' problems. She enjoys working with clients and...

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Anndale va an christian lawyers ass

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Rebecca L. Evans, Attorney-at-Law, is an Associate Attorney at the Law Rebecca L. Evans is a graduate of Immanuel Christian School in North Becoming a Lawyer in Virginia and Court Procedures in Virginia, Fairfax Bar Association, Law. Apr 8, - Rebecca Evans is a Estate Planning Attorney in Annandale, VA. Click Rebecca's profile to discover their Avvo Rating, write a review, and read professional  Lawyer Stephen Terpak - Annandale, VA Attorney. Christian Lapham is a Domestic Relations and Family Law Attorney in Northern Virginia. As a Divorce Lawyer, he focuses cases involving custody matters and.

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