Bizarre slips in time

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#1 Bizarre slips in time

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Bizarre slips in time

Technically speaking, a time slip is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, travel through time via unknown means. As with all paranormal phenomena, the objective reality of such experiences is disputed. Continue reading for five bizarre time slip cases where people might've actually time traveled. Battle of Nechtansmere It as January, 2and a cocktail party held 10 miles away Bizarre slips in time the little town of Brechin. This party was attended by Miss E. Smith, Jasonville private investigators lady then aged about 55 who was resident in the village of Letham, under Dunnichen Hill. According to her own account, Miss Smith left the party late, having consumed an unspecified quantity of those delicious cocktails. Driving conditions were extremely poor. It was pitch dark, and 'a fall of snow had been followed by rain. There was, she insisted, no question of [her] skid having been due to her fainting, or other lapse of consciousness, nor [had she been] injured in any way, or concussed. She had to abandon her car, however, and continue her journey on foot - a distance of about eight miles. The paranormal experience began when Miss Smith was about half a mile from the Brass headboard ornament replacements houses of Letham village and it continued until she reached them. The time was getting on for 2 am. Peering ahead, she saw a groups of lights moving in the distance which, as she walked on, gradually resolved themselves into a shadowy group of figures carrying flaming torches. Miss Smith, 'they were obviously looking for their own dead There were several of them I supposed they were going to bury them. A white Ford pickup Bizarre slips in time up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Falland stopped...

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The concept of time and how we perceive it has long been the subject of science fiction stories, thought experiments, and deep philosophical reflection, producing a mind-boggling array of ideas, theories, and opinions. Far from being the simple, linear line that many of us may think of it as, time is a deeply complex quantity for which there are many theories, and which we do not yet fully understand. Perhaps nowhere is the baffling potential nature of time more apparent than with the numerous bizarre tales of strange, unexplained phenomena regarding time, incidents often referred to as temporal anomalies which can include time freezing, time travel, time slips, time loops, and everything in between. Here we will look into various weird accounts of time anomalies that serve to baffle, surprise, and suggest that time is perhaps far more malleable and more bizarre than we can possibly imagine. One of the weirder stories that has circulated in recent times is that of a tunnel in London that is supposedly serves as some sport of time portal, where the flow of time seems to slow to a crawl or even a full stop. In the foot tunnel was closed down in order to carry out renovations and refurbishments. However, the tunnel would supposedly be closed for more than a year and a half, a delay which baffled the residents of the area. Talking to the workers who had been down there started to paint a very strange picture, as they allegedly began to report having experienced strange time anomalies while walking through the tunnel, such as working in the tunnels for hours only to emerge back into daylight to discover that only a few minutes had actually passed, or of walking through the tunnel to find that the trip had inexplicably taken...

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We can measure it and slice it up into millennia or nanoseconds, and we can sense our experience through it. But all that really doesn't bring us any closer to a true understanding of what time is What we do have are some very peculiar stories of rare instances in which time doesn't seem to flow in the way we normally experience it. People report gaps in time, jumps through time, missing time, and perhaps even glimpses into past or future events. In , Glenn was a university student in Nova Scotia. What began as an ordinary bus trip back to his home town to visit his parents turned into a confusing distortion of time and space. I was looking out the window and looked at the Michelin tire factory as we went by it going uphill. When the bus reached the top of the hill, I got a strange feeling, and for some unknown reason I started to imagine many people on the bus laughing at me! I then had the experience of watching the bus drive by the tire factory again! This kind of scared me and I noticed that the family sitting in the front, who were talking loudly before, were now dead quiet. The bus driver was right, apparently. Things like that do happen. Just ask Sue, who in the autumn of was driving with her boyfriend Jim to their home in Fallbrook, California when they might have narrowly escaped a larger rift in time. We approached from the south heading north on Mission Rd. It was a Friday evening and I blurted out how weird it was that we hadn't passed any cars in the opposite direction since our turn onto Mission Rd. Fallbrook is a small town, but this was a very well-traveled road....

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Of all mysterious phenomena, time travel is the one we want to be real. The possibilities are endless, and according to some people, they've already experienced them. No matter what your political views are, we can all agree that the presidential election was a pretty wild ride, and that's probably the only reason that it wasn't more widely publicized that there was a time traveler running for office. Andrew Basiago, a practicing lawyer , claims that he's been traveling through time since he was only six years old. His father got him into the business, using him as a test subject with a super-duper top secret time travel program called Project Pegasus. While his first trip was just across the country—New York to New Mexico—he not only says that he went back to hear Lincoln's Gettysburg address when he was 10, but also that he has a picture of himself in According to Basiago, the government gets firsthand experience of other times in a few ways. Basiago did it, and in , he went public with claims that Barack Obama was also a "chrononaut," and that they went to Mars together as a part of a member team. The White House denied it. If you're thinking he should probably already know whether his presidential bid was successful, silly you for thinking time travel is that precise. Basiago says he does know he'll be either a vice president or a president at some point between and , and honestly, we hope so. He says that not only is he going to go public with all the time travel knowledge you could possibly want, but he's also going to put Bigfoot on the endangered species list. Yes, he's met a father-and-son Bigfoot. It's about time we had some government officials who...

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A white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Fall , and stopped at a gate. Karl, Mark, and Gordon worked for cattle feed distributor and were sent to this remote area to pick up a feeder. What they found there has kept them silent for 41 years. They drove through the tall grass to the tank that sat close to a red barn and got out of the truck. Then they pulled around the barn toward the house. What they saw burned into their memories. What we all seemed to witness the night before was no longer there. We have talked to each other over the years but none of us can begin to explain this vision. Time slips have been reported throughout history. English women vacationing in France in claimed they stepped into the French Revolution, and two English couples traveling in Spain in the s stayed at an oddly archaic hotel that was simply gone on their return journey. But what if nature can? The light in the sky shown white, far from the greens and reds Jake saw during the Aurora Borealis of , visible in North America as far south as the lower Midwest. Jake, 15, stood outside his parents home in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, around 10 p. The light moved like the light of a copy machine. Numbness grew in his arms and legs and he blacked out. What happened to Jake? Or did Jake accidentally take a brief, four-year step into ? People may slip like this all the time. Kell opened the door of his Chevrolet S next to a convenience store gas pump in Springfield, Missouri, when a large man accosted him. Kell glanced away from the man as he slid into...

Bizarre slips in time

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Following are 5 bizarre time slip stories. Please click on the links to read the full story. And feel free to share your own experiences and favorite. 8 of the Most Intriguing Disappearances in History Carnivorous Butterflies What Makes These. Mar 15, - Apparently strange time slips and other temporal anomalies became rather commonplace down there in the murk and gloom as they worked.

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