Blonde golf humor

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#1 Blonde golf humor

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Blonde golf humor

See also best jokes rated by other visitors or new Laura nativo nude. What do you call a blonde at a golf course? A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar that reads: I want a cheeseburger. Blonde golf humor Italian guy is out picking up chicks in Rough sex abused mpeg gallery. While at his favorite bar, he manages to attract one rather attractive looking blonde. After a long while… He climaxes loudly. This time, with all the strength he could muster up, he Blond manages to end gof task, but he does, after quite Blonde golf humor time and energy is spent. An Australian guy walks into a bar with a crocodile under his arm. He asks the bartender Blonde golf humor he will give him free drinks if he shows he can put his penis inside the crocs mouth for 15 seconds without it getting bit off. The guy Blonde golf humor the crocs mouth and puts his penis inside it; the croc gently closes his mouth and after 15 seconds the Australian hits him over the head with a bottle, causing the croc to open his mouth and let the guy withdraw his penis. The bartender starts Blonnde the free drinks to the Austr alian and then tells everyone in the bar "If anyone else can Blonde golf humor that then I will give them free drinks also". There is a pause and then a blonde woman calls out "ok, I will do it but please don't hit me so hard over my head with the bottle". One fine day in Ireland, a guy is out golfing and gets up to the 16th Sexiest women fucked. He tees up and cranks one. Unfortunately, it goes into humoe...

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Short funny golf jokes - one liners! The schoolteacher was taking her first golfing lesson. Putt means merely a vain attempt to do the same thing. Golf is what you play when you're too out of shape to play softball. What do you call 1, golfers lined up on a pebble beach holding hands? Pebble Beach Golf Links. Why do golfers always carry two pairs of trousers with them? Just in case they had a hole in one. The only reason I play golf is to bug my wife. She thinks I'm having fun. You know it's too wet to play golf when your cart capsizes. Where can you find doctors all at the same place on any given day? Two golfers were sitting at the 19th hole discussing their games this year when one says to the other, " My game is so bad this year I had to have my ball retriever regripped! Whats the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver? A bad golfer goes: A bad Skydiver goes: What should you do if your round of golf is interrupted by a lightning storm? Walk around holding your 1-iron above your head, because even God can't hit a 1-iron! Do you know why there are 18 holes on a golf course? Because that's how long it took the Scots who invented the game to finish their bottle of whiskey! Did you hear about the golfer who got shot yesterday? Yes, they said it was a hole in Juan. The only difference between driving in golf and driving a car is that when you drive a car you don't want to hit anything. My uncle, who has golfed all his life, has his own definition of the word G. Getting Old and Living Fine! Two long...

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Welcome, we're glad you're here. There are more clowns than usual on the golf course. One day a man, who had been stranded on a deserted island for over 10 years, saw a speck on the horizon. Suddenly, there emerged from the surf a figure wearing a black wet suit. The swimmer put aside the scuba gear and the top of the wet suit. There stood a drop-dead gorgeous blonde! With that, she reached over and unzipped a waterproof pocket on the left sleeve of her wet suit, and pulled out a fresh pack of cigarettes. He takes one, lights it, and takes a long drag. I'd almost forgotten how great a smoke can be! Trembling, the castaway replied, "Ten years. Then she removed a flask and handed it to him. He opened the flask and took a long drink. She looked at the trembling man and asked, "And how long has it been since you played around? Don't tell me you've got golf clubs in there, too! Wife, Car and Golf Clubs. Reward for Golf Clubs. What's that you've got in your pocket? Oh, does it hurt as much as tennis elbow? When to Give the Ranger the Finger Chapter 5. When to Implement Handicap Management Chapter 7. How to Rationalize a 6-Hour Round Chapter 9. I hear your husband is a linguist. Yes, he speaks three languages, football, baseball and golf. Statistics indicate that, as a result of overwork, modern executives are dropping like flies on the nation's golf courses. You've got to ease up on the sports. You've got jogger's knee, golfer's toe, tennis elbow and - worst of all - boxer's brain Never putt a dirty golf ball. Clean ones roll true. A hummer of a golf cart. A man takes the day off work and...

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The deaf mute golfer. A deaf mute steps up to tee off on the first hole of a golf course, when a large burly guy yells "Hey You! Being deaf the poor guy continues to prepare for his shot, so Ralph runs up thinking the deaf mute is being obstinate, and knocks the poor guy to the ground, kicks his ball away, and prepares for his own shot. After Ralph has hit the ball and proceeded down the fairway after it, the mute gets up brushes himself off, waits a moment, and again prepares his shot. The deaf mute then hits a beautiful shot straight up the middle of the fairway, striking big Ralph in the back of the head, and knocking him unconscious. The mute then walks down the fairway rolls big Ralph and holds up four fingers in front of Ralph's face. This man goes to confession and says, "Forgive me father for I have sinned. The priest says, "Oh okay, just say three Hail Marys and try to watch your language. The priest sighs and tells him to continue. Well father I played golf on Sunday with my buddies instead of going to church. The priest says, "And you got upset over that and swore? On the first tee I duck-hooked my drive well left into the trees. When I walked up the fairway, I noticed my ball got a lucky bounce and I had a clear shot to the green. However, before I could hit the ball, a squirrel ran by and grabbed my ball and scurried up a tree. A foursome is waiting at the men's tee when another foursome of ladies are hitting from the ladies tee. The ladies are taking their time and when finally the last one is ready to hit the...

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Blonde golf humor

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Blonde's Golfing Dilemma. A blonde golfer goes into the pro shop and looks around frowning. Finally the pro askes her what she wants. "I can't find any green. Hearing that, the blonde reached over to her right sleeve and unzipped a pocket. Then she removed Funny Golf Jokes - The Complete Book of Golf. Chapter 1. Feb 22, - The following selection of rotten, lame, and exhausted old golf jokes did them and said, "You see that beautiful blonde practicing her putting?

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