Bulb dipped make silicone

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#1 Bulb dipped make silicone

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Bulb dipped make silicone

Tube silocone percent silicone clear caulking, gloves, mineral spirits, oil-based model paints, scented oil, isopropyl alcohol if you want to keep using the same bulb for practicea container to put the silicone in use an empty yogurt cup with a lidnight light bulbs, or the night light size 5 watt bulbs or the small clear Christmas string bulbs, wire or heavy string for hanging bulbs. Use the percent silicone because the fumes are not nearly as bad zilicone the silicone rubber caulking. The silicone rubber caulking give off really bad vinegar type fumes. Use the empty yogurt cup with a lid that Bulb dipped make silicone you Bulb dipped make silicone seal it and reuse the silicone. You can add a little more mineral spirits later if you find that the silicone is still too thick. Add color by dipping dipepd toothpick into the paint oil-based model paint to scoop out a few drops, and drip them maek the silicone. Mix it Bulb dipped make silicone with a plastic spoon. Continue adding paint, a few drops at a time, until the shade deepens to your Hot guys bondage restraints. Stir well makd Bulb dipped make silicone addition. Keep maek mind that the color will lighten somewhat when you add fragrance. The color will not be as dark as it appears now when maje turn on the lights. Stir in 3 drops of the scented oil. The oil will make the silicone look slimy at first, but keep Wichita kansas female exhibitionism until it's thoroughly blended in. Cut Bulb dipped make silicone inch length of wire or heavy string to hang each bulb with after Bylb dipped. Wire or tie one end to the metal socket of each bulb, and set these aside. Take the bulb you want to...

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They have been filling rooms with light, color and scent for years, and the trend continues. Do-it-yourselfers enjoy making their own silicone light bulbs for the variety, cost savings and craft factor. A silicone bulb can wash a room in color while adding a subtle hint of cinnamon or another scent that fills the room with warmth as well as light. The bulb you choose should be relatively small and round for easy dipping. Use clear or opaque percent silicone caulking in a tube. An old yogurt container or small plastic tub can be used to hold the warm silicone. Silicone also comes in a jar specifically made for dipping, and can be found at most craft store chains. Gather your wire or hooks and any ornamental items you plan to place on the malleable silicone. Prep the place where you intend to hang the bulbs to dry before you begin. A hanger or towel rack can work just fine. Silicone can put off some serious fumes, so ventilate the room or perform this craft outside. Make sure to use gloves as the silicone is warm and can irritate your skin. Test the bulbs to make sure they aren't dead before you go through the trouble of crafting them. Wrap wire around the metal end of the bulb so they can hang upside down when you are done. Place the bulb in the empty tub and mark on the side of the container where you want the silicone to end on the bulb. Fill the container to that point with the silicone. Put the silicone into the tub in small amounts at a time and tap the container to rid the silicone of bubbles as you go. Heat the silicone for about 60 seconds in a microwave. Hold the base...

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Silicone bulbs can be found in home specialty stores and online. If you can't find the color of bulb you want in the off-the shelf choices, consider making the bulbs yourself. Homemade silicone-dipped bulbs can be created to match your own decor needs. Customized bulbs can be made in different colors, textures and tip length. You can make several silicone-dipped bulbs at once and save more time than if you made them one at a time. Roll the silicone tube back and forth between your palms to warm the silicone. Warm silicone will be thin enough to dip your bulbs in. Trim the top from the tube with a utility knife. Squeeze silicone into the throw-away bowl until it is about one-fourth full. Stop squeezing and bump the bowl's edge to remove any air pockets. Add color to your silicone dipped bulbs. Apply two drops of model paint to the silicone. Turn the paint into the silicone using a gentle folding motion. Add more silicone to the bowl until it is almost full. Turn the silicone until the color is distributed evenly throughout. Mount a string between two posts. Pull the string tight. Your dipped bulbs will hang from this string to dry. Plug each bulb into a socket to make sure it works. Wrap the end of a piece of lightweight wire around the shaft of the bulb twice. The wire should be secure enough to hold the bulb as it is being pulled from the silicone. Leave a two-inch tail on the wire and clip the remainder. Fold the wire tail into a hook. Place the bulb in the silicone-filled bowl. The shaft will be the only part that is above the silicone. Pull the bulb from silicone bowl. Twist the bulb, slowly, at the same time as...

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Let me know if you try these anyone and how they work out for you! I've made them like this also, they are fun to make and cheaper than buying them!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!!! I am going to try this myself. I am always looking for something new to try. Thank you for sharing the technique to make the bulbs. Hello everyone, Well its Thursday and let me say I cant wait for the weekend to get here. We are working on so many new things and I am still trying to get followers to our blog sites first and there will be a giveaway so remember to invite your friends please! I thought that I would give you all a recipe for making silicone bulbs today I am sure that many of you prob have one but maybe there is something different about this one or maybe you can't find the darn thing LOL either way I am trying to do a freebie craft tip, recipe, or how to on Thursdays so here you are my prim friends. Prepare the Silicone 1. Step 1 Roll the silicone tube back and forth between your palms. This warms the silicone and makes it thinner for dipping your bulbs. There is no need to add thinner to the silicone. Step 2 Cut the tubing tip and squeeze the silicone into the disposable bowl. Add more silicone to the bowl. Step 3 Fold the silicone three times and add two drops of model paint. Fold the paint into the silicone. Add more silicone until you have the bowl full enough so the bulb will be completely submerged. Fold the silicone until the color is distributed. You may choose to leave streaks for random bulb patterns. Do not stir the silicone. Make...

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Stacey - Thanks so much for sharing these instructions! I didn't know it was that easy to make them! I have been paying a fortune for them all this time! Let us know how yours turn out! What a great idea! I'll have to try this. Stacy, Thanks for joining the Pay it Forward. I have a few questions to ask you if you will be so kind as to give me your email address. You can post it or I have a link on my site that you could email me with it. I LOVE these bulbs! But they can be so pricey Now I can make my own! Also thank you for that website, I will definately be checking that out! Definately let us know how yours turn out! This is so easy! I have been making my own sil-bulbs for a long time! I actually do "twist" mine for the ripple effect! Thanks for sharing-it really is so easy. Have a super day! I really do appreciate hearing from you! I have been wanting to try this and I think I might give it a shot. I read that you are trying to get pregnant. It was a long road for me but finally I had my Emily at 30 and then My Lauren came at 39! It will happen for you because God is good and he knows just what we need and just when to bless us! Hugs and welcome to blog land! I never knew you could make you own and I am sure it saves you al of money, but just requires a little time. Thanks for coming by my blog! It's always so much fun to meet other prim friends online! I loved reading about the barn stars. I'll be back soon...

Bulb dipped make silicone

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DIY: Colored Silicone Bulb Tutorial - this post shows you how to color Dipping Light Bulbs in Silicone I started by filling my bowl with silicone caulk- deep. Jan 5, - Supplies: *Clear or opaque % silicone caulking in a tube (make sure its marked % silicone or outdoor silicone, NOT the silicone rubber. Aug 12, - Roll the silicone tube back and forth between your palms. This warms the silicone and makes it thinner for dipping your bulbs. There is no need.

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