Freedom from covert harassment and suveillance

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#1 Freedom from covert harassment and suveillance

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Freedom from covert harassment and suveillance

Thursday, March 24, crom As of March 18,the organization formerly known as Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance has been officially dissolved per a notice posted by the State of Ohio at their website, pictured below, and found at this Freedok As the original founder of that organization nearly 10 years ago, the events of the past few months have by design spun out of all sense of reason and sanity. Those that have occupied the board of that organization in recent months have done so recklessly, irresponsibly and rather than leading the group in a proactive direction, had taken every opportunity to publicly smear my name with a campaign of slanderous falsehoods and sheer hatred. Therefore, I felt compelled to take this drastic step. Those individuals are now obliged to create a new organization of their own liking with a name of their own choosing. All notices to relevant agencies, including the IRS, are in the process of receiving notification of this action. Hereinafter the date of March 18,all business, including donations, snd in the name of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance is no longer valid. I noticed for sometime you have Free gallery photo pussy posting under: Maybe you can repost your comment so that people can follow you. Amma, Thanks for sharing this with grom. In the meantime, if Pat b. We tried to bail him out and were informed there is no inmate named Edmund Igberaese housed in Adams County so apparently they moved Spycam teen videos but he is not in the adjacent counties either, we are searching. This is the latest: M Date of Booking: J Holding for Agency: I found a prisoner advocacy group and sent them the information. It was a random set of events that hadassment me to...

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Donations of any amount accepted. Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in , the framers of the Constitution sought "to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions, and their sensations. The perpetrators stem from corrupt elements of the US military intelligence and government investigative agencies, defense contractors, corporations, secret societies, religious cults, underground criminal groups, as well as individuals and teams of private citizens. However, whistleblower reports state otherwise and the corroborating accounts of thousands of victims indicate the illegal, non-consensual research continued unabated. And nowadays, because of secrecy and lack of congressional oversight during the intervening decades, the research and development of mind control and surveillance technologies have advanced far beyond what most Americans would imagine. Associated Organized Stalking Activities: Associated Electronic Assault Activities: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Seeking Freedom and Justice worldwide. You'll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Background Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in , the framers of the Constitution sought "to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions, and their sensations. You notice consistently rude behavior from people you don't know for no apparent reason. You hear excerpts from conversations you had in the privacy of your home coming from people around you. You feel that those around you have access to your thoughts. You experience problems on the job where groups of people are plotting to have you terminated. Business deals consistently fall through for no apparent reason. You experience vandalism on a regular basis. You notice that your things are not in the same place you left them when you left home or some small items may be missing. Frequent appliance or electronic malfunctions. If a significant number of items on these lists are happening to you, then you may be a victim of...

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Posted by Author H. The first thing to understand is who we are talking about; Targeted Individuals. The term is military in origin but is used by the intelligence community and law enforcement. More critically, the attacks they suffer as result by electronic weapons, gas lighting, street theater, dirty tricks, and psychological warfare, and so on, are more often than not at the hands of those self-same developers, as well as members of law enforcement. Not officially of course. There is no such thing as the boogeyman. Ask any Judge, Psychiatrist, Congressman, or Lawman. They seem content to overlook the fact that the whole of the Political Control Technology employed is applied primarily for the purpose of making the victim seem to be a Paranoidal Schizophrenic. They certainly overlook the mountain of official government documents and other evidence that every symptom of Schizophrenia can be simulated by such technology. What we really want to talk about is the tendency of TIs to want to hook up with other TIs for what they hope will provide a means of mutual support and protection. Well, yes and no to that notion. While there is some useful psychological support value in having someone of kindred spirit to share in burdens born of like difficulties, as a rule there are exceptions , I have long advised against it in the strongest of terms. But that is not the worst of it, because where that happens, it becomes such a tangle that if someone like myself comes along to try and resolve the issue, there are suddenly too many clues to sift through to determine anything truly useful in defense or offense — a matter which is tough enough to resolve with just one set of attackers. More likely all will end up accusing each...

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Sections of this page. Remove To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Voice of America - VOA. Technologies of Control Book. I've been being harassed for about 8 months now I'm looking for to prove it and how can I let my community be more aware that this is happening right here under there noises now that I have had this h I am being tortured by a microchip and they are placing something inside my body and I believe they are trying to kill me. They have e Ben doing this for 4 years now and I believe it is going to kill I began to write on-line about what I was going through - tactics, heinous crimes, intrusions , etc. In my case, I am targeted due to corporate American greed. I am a whistle-bl ower and injured worker. It was through workers compensati on medical procedures that I was systematic ally and prolifical ly maimed and the stalking followed. I was maimed by the physical therapist, then 3 more times by the orthopedic surgeon. I had no idea that I was being systematic ally and intentiona lly harmed by the orthopedic surgeon until the last of 3 lumbar epidural steroid injections that took place on June 6, wherein I was brutally forced under anesthesia and maimed from my skull down to my tailbone leaving me in chronic pain and instabilit y throughout my spinal column, back, neck, shoulders, etc. It is a long story - with not enough room to type it all out. But I...

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Freedom from covert harassment and suveillance

Dealing with Privacy and Security in the face of the New World Order

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