Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not

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#1 Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not

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Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not

By Mike Larkin Updated: He is the legendary Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not famed for sleeping with nearly women. But Kiss star Gene Simmons has revealed it is finally time for him to 'grow up' and settle down with his long-term lover Shannon Tweed. The year-old has decided he has lived a life of rock and roll debauchery for too long, so is finally tying the knot this Saturday at the Beverly Hills hotel. His proposal was a cliffhanger moment in his reality show Gene Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not Family Jewels, but the 24 carat diamond ring he offered the former Playmate of the year obviously helped make her mind up. On Entertianment Tonight he confessed it was finally time for him to make a commitment, saying: Even though the ont has lived out every teenagers dream, touring the world's biggest stadiums and having several multi-platinum albums, he confessed his Peter Pan-style existence has Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not end now he is nearly an OAP. I've been doing a lot of wacky stuff for shannn awfully long time, the band, the thing, travelling around the world and all that. Reality fans did not know whether Shannon would say yes at the end of Gene Simmons Family Jewels last season. And the year-old admitted it was not always easy being married to the Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not musician. Kiss single life goodbye: Party animal Gene is planning a last hurrah at his stag night before the wedding. But even though he will shannob be settling down into married life, there are a few things he has to sort out. We're going to have to wait. However the former erotic movie actress said infidelity will not be accepted, despite the fact he is a notorious...

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Gene simmons shannon pregnant or not


Oct 14, - KISS rocker Gene Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed were spotted And yes, it's about the children; they are not asked to be brought into the. Oct 2, - KISS rocker Gene Simmons tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, .. Watch Luna Scream 'No' as Dad John Legend Sings. Apr 2, - VIDEO: Gene and Shannon cut their wedding cake. I see all the girls not much older than my year-old daughter throwing up their tops and their gate to get to Simmons, and turn up on their doorstep completely naked. When she was pregnant, Tweed said a groupie knocked on the door of their hotel.

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