Jewish oral history

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#1 Jewish oral history

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Jewish oral history

This holistic Jewish code of conduct encompasses a wide swathe of rituals, worship practices, God—man and interpersonal relationships, from dietary laws to Sabbath and festival observance to marital relations, agricultural practices, and civil claims and damages. According to Jewish tradition, the Oral Torah was passed down orally in an unbroken chain from generation to generation until its contents were finally committed to writing following the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, when Jewish civilization was faced with an existential threat. The major repositories of the Oral Torah are the Mishnahcompiled between — CE by Rabbi Yehudah haNasiand the Gemaraa series of running commentaries and debates concerning the Mishnah, which together are the Talmudthe preeminent text of Rabbinic Judaism. In fact, two "versions" of the Talmud exist: However, not all branches of Rabbinic Judaism accept the divine provenance of the Oral Torah, such that Conservative and to a greater extent Reform Jews give deference to the Talmudic sages while empowering themselves to formulate and adopt their own rulings and interpretations. There have also been historical dissenters to the Oral Torah in its entirety, including adherents to Karaite Judaismwho attempt to derive their religious practice strictly from the Written Torah, using Scripture's most natural meaning to form their basis of Jewish law. The term "Oral Torah" should not be understood as a monolith. The Jewish Encyclopedia divides the Oral Torah into eight categories, ranked according to the relative level of authoritativeness, which are found within the Talmud, the Tosefta and the halakhic Midrashimas aside. According to modern scholarship, the traditions embodied in what later became known as the "Oral Torah" developed over generations among the inhabitants of Judea and were passed Jewish oral history through various modes of cultural transmissionincluding but not restricted to oral transmission. It is hypothesized that,...

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As you explore the collection, you'll find native Yiddish speakers, world-renowned klezmer musicians, grandmothers, descendants of Yiddish writers, students, and more. The interviews are focused life histories, covering family background, involvement with Yiddish language and culture, Jewish identity, and the transmission of culture and values across generations and communities. You can find full-length one- to two-hour interviews and shorter one- to five-minute excerpted highlights through the narrator index or by searching for a topic that interests you. Allen Katz, former student at the Yiddish Folkshul of the Wynnefield neighborhood of West Philadelphia, describes the programs that he listened to with his Bubbe on Philadelphia's only Yiddish Minna Barrett, psychology professor and granddaughter of Yiddish actor David Baratz, talks about traveling to Hungary and Romania and realizing the similarities to the food her grandmother cooked. Marc Caplan tells a funny story involving a suckling pig to explain what it was like growing up Jewish in Louisiana. Sue Ehrlich—New York native, Yiddish activist, and artist—Describes some of her research about the way Yiddish was passed down by women, before men adopted it as a literary language in the midth Kamil Kijek, doctoral student in History at the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw, explains how his understanding of Kielce and Warsaw has changed along with his growing knowledge of Jewish-Polish Explore some featured oral histories or search an alphabetical list of last names. Do you have stories to share? The Wexler Oral History Project wants to hear them. Help us capture stories about all aspects of Yiddish language and culture. Skip to main content. Highlights from this collection: Philadelphia's Yiddish Radio Allen Katz, former student at the Yiddish Folkshul of the Wynnefield neighborhood of West Philadelphia, describes the programs that he listened to with his Bubbe on Philadelphia's only Yiddish English 2...

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Jewish oral history

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“The Oral Tradition”—Torah Shebaal Peh. The Written Law generally refers to the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Wexler Oral History Project is a growing collection of in-depth video and backgrounds, whose stories offer a rich and complex chronicle of Jewish identity. Our oral history collection includes tapes and transcripts of more than oral histories. This irreplaceable resource documents the history of the community.

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