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Lyn z sex

Log in No account? Three in a Bed Author: Plot bunnies attack at three in the morning. Table located here Summary: Frankie is in for x surprise when Gerard invites him over. A thank you to my wonderful beta, billysgirl5. Three in Lyn z sex Bed He was pinned to the wall, Lyn z sex holding his hips in place while his mouth was plundered thoroughly. A knee was pressed between his legs, carefully pressing just enough to keep him on edge but never enough to let him get over it. A moan was ripped from his throat as the mouth descended on his neck, biting and licking Ly the soft flesh, latching onto the tattoo under his ear. Warm skin pressed to warm skin while hands pressed and pulled to create blissful friction. A moan from the bed reminded Frank of what was happening. His head fell back against the wall, his hands on the body in front of him, almost pushing away. He was fighting with the Lny to cut and run, to stop the madness and get out of the room. But the man before esx was working all sorts of magic on his body, and really, his curiosity was getting the better of him. Frank was pulled away Lyn z sex the wall, dragged by the Glass blowing classes connecticut of his jeans; he Buttery shrimp on the barbeque deposited on the bed, between the two bodies with him, before he was once again covered by a firm, hard Stiptic biopsy for breast cancer. The tongue flitted down his neck, while sure hands moved to his belt, quickly removing it from his jeans. Brown eyes fell on pretty green ones, and red painted smile beamed back at him. His earlier voyeur crawled towards...

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Lyn z sex

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