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Vintage pre amp

Log Vintage pre amp or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. What is your favorite "vintage" preamp? As I'm playing around with a MX, Vintzge was wondering what Vintagee vintage pre's people are using. I didn't like it at first, then swapped Vintage pre amp the Vintage pre amp in the line stage, to RCA's thanks Steve and it sound's wonderful Legal nurse consultant in new orleans HausmannJan 2, Joe Nino-HernesJan 2, Mark Levinson MLA solid state with out board power supply! ClayJan 3, I've never found a vintage preamp I liked. They have too much under the hood However, in terms of a nice smooth preamp that was always robust, warm, and friendly in a larger than life, ultra-colored sort of way Kent TeffetellerVintage pre amp 3, Counterpoint SA7 mkII - no nonsense, cheap and good. And with a nice phono input. Or even better the Audio Research SP9. Why spend more money on an old and noisy preamp that sounds worse! MetrallaJan 3, JerryJan 3, I had a Pas-3, and never really liked it. As Sckott said so well, a Foreplay smokes it. My faves in this order: VAC great in every way, 10! Has user pr tube warmth from a line stage to sending the signal through 2 sets of 12AX7's and Vintage pre amp by clicking a switch So you can have a vintage type sound or a modern sound in the Vinhage preamp C smooth and clear. Use it every day, Also expensive MX with RCA 6u8's nice classic tube sound, a bargain, a little rolled Vintage pre amp at the top. Xmp tuner that sounds great. Perfect for Klipsch PV-5 Soccer boi gay phono section, still has lots of tube warmth for a "modern" preamp 7 VVintage torn on this. It's supposed...

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What is the best vintage preamp? Hi, I am looking for a vintage preamp with a phono stage from my system. I am using a altmann byob and ZU druid speakers. I heard a yamaha c-2a and it sounded great. What vintage preamps are regarded as some of the best? Anything years and older is ok? Wayner Full Member Posts: You might want to take a look at picking up a used Superphon preamp. The original Nakamichi CA5 is an outstanding piece. I have owned a couple of Yamaha preamps, not in the same league. I have a nakamichi ca5 preamp at the moment.. I quite like it. I thought a yamaha c-2x would be quite a bit better? Maybe I should be looking for a nakamichi ca-7 instead? I never opened up the Yamaha hi end pre, not sure why, but did open up a CX model? If you open up the CA5 you'll see what I mean. But neither are dual mono and, as mentioned, DM is just great for phono all other things equal - which they never are. Apologies Brad for the blatant marketing schtick I was literally going to put it in the Marketplace tomorrow. Mine is the regular Dual Mono not Basic - the better of the two versions Superphon made in ' A brief intro to it is in my recent ad for some Quad speakers sold yesterday: A very neutral, uncolored, detailed, sound that preserves delicacy and nuance. A fantastic, fully configurable TT head amp. Outboard twinned power supply. Tubes that are old TV type that are not difficult to source and last a long time. Should not be expensive if you find one: The power supply will need to be completely rebuilt, so you had better be into DIY. The latter...

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The McIntosh C20 vintage tube preamp features full stereo flexibility in a tube preamp. Flexible and simple to use, the McIntosh C20 tube preamp offers a variety of program sources, including those for tape, tuner 1 and 2, auxiliary, phono 1 and 2, and tape head 1 and 2, for a total of eight program sources. Each phono output also has the option of mono or stereo sound. The Dynaco PAS 3X vintage tube preamp provides a quiet tube preamp, mainly due to the separate rectifying system that provides a direct current to help heat the tube filaments. The tube amplifier is made up of five parts, including the aforementioned power supply and rectifier, an equalizer-amplifier stage for both the left and right stereo channels, and an amplifying-tone control stage for both the left and right stereo channel. A durable tube preamp, the McIntosh C22 vintage tube preamp produces a warm, deep sound. Considered by many as the best of the vintage McIntosh tube preamps, this preamp offers the rich sound that tube preamp fans love. The McIntosh C22 tube preamp offers up to eight program sources in both stereo and mono channels. The McIntosh C28 vintage tube preamp functions as a high-quality stereo amplifier. Both of the McIntosh C28's two channels have four parts: The common regulated power supply provides power for both channels. The C28 offers an anodized gold and black front panel. The adis JP vintage tube preamp offers two stereo channels, each with its own separate chassis and power regulator board. This in turn lowers the noise floor and helps eliminate crosstalk between the two channels. The Jadis JP accepts both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. The Eico HF81 vintage tube preamp offers a high fidelity control center and watt amplifiers in one chassis. This...

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Pioneer Spec 4 Stereo Power Amplifier. Tested and functioning well. The unit mounts in a standard sized rack which is 19" wide. It has been tested to perform all key functionality, with no discrepancies noted by the testing technician. We keep a smaller portion of each sale. Power Cord built in. Brook vacuum tube pre-amplifier Model 4B preamp only for parts or restoration. Fisher Tube amplifiers have a wonderful level of performance. The beautiful, classy design really sets it apart from the class! Wonderful details with glorious tube warmth, clarity and depth. This full featured amp has exceptionally features that provide ample connectivity and performance capabilities. I had this hooked up to a tuner and it works good. However all of the ends of the slider switches are broke off except one. They can still be moved with your finger but there's not enough sticking out to put a knob on. Brook vacuum tube pre-amplifier Model 12A3 preamp only for parts or restoration. It is loaded with features, inputs and is very flexible. The front faceplate and glass are good, but the panels show oxidation spots, etc-see pics. It is complete and clean inside-see pics. Came from an estate Tested with CD player using snell speakers in working order Does come with remote but the remote is not working. Item in great working condition. Please see pics for condition.. Sansui C preamplifier with box and orig packing materials Audio functionality works as it should except two light bulbs are out on the cd light and the Tuner light - does not affect the audio functionality Seller-shipping: Buyer pays all actual shipping Seller returns: No returns - sold as-is for restoration eBay buyer protection and...

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